Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant will go on sale for $179.99

Amazon’s new Alexa voice assistants, Alexa and Alexa Dot, are going on sale in the United States on Wednesday, March 10, Amazon said.

The $179 price tag is higher than what the Amazon Echo costs on Amazon’s website, and the Echo Dot is available at $149.99.

It’s a significant jump over the Echo’s $159 price tag.

Alexa and the Dot will work with any Amazon device, including Echo Dot, Echo Dot+, Echo Spot, Echo Mini, Echo Wand, Echo, Dot Plus, Echo 2, Echo Solo, Echo Show, and Echo Tap.

The Alexa and Dot can also be controlled with a variety of apps and Amazon’s voice-activated assistant.

“Alexa Dot and Echo Dot+ are the best voice assistants for Alexa,” Amazon said in a statement.

The Echo Dot and Dot Plus can be used with Amazon’s “Voice Assistant,” which lets you ask Alexa to perform specific tasks.

“This new voice assistant is more powerful, smarter, and smarter,” Amazon added.

The two Alexa assistants are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Echo and Dot, so you can use them to ask Alexa about books, movies, music, TV shows, weather, sports, and more.

The Dot and Alexa Plus will be available at a variety price points and for all Alexa-enabled devices from March 11.

Alexa’s other new assistant, Alexa Skills, is priced at $79.99 and will be a part of the Echo Show starting on March 15.

Alexa Skills lets you use voice commands to perform tasks.

Amazon also unveiled a new “AlexAce” app for Amazon’s Echo Dot Plus that allows users to ask the voice assistant to play music or movies, as well as to ask it to answer questions.

“Amazon’s Alexa assistant is now even smarter, more personal, and has the ability to perform more tasks for you, including the ability for you to control your home and work through Alexa,” the company said in its statement.