Bihar chief minister ‘confident’ about Bihar polls

The Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is confident that the next elections will be held on time and on the basis of the votes cast during the previous ones.

Speaking to reporters in the state capital, Patna, Kumar said that the people of Bihar have shown that they will stand by the Chief Minister for all elections and that he will win all the elections that are on the table.

“We have shown this.

The people of Patna have shown their trust and confidence in the Chief minister.

I am confident that he can win,” he said.

He said that in the elections, there will be more than 30 candidates who are from the opposition parties.

He also claimed that the state’s Chief Minister has done well during the elections.

“The people have shown confidence in Nitish.

They have shown great faith in him.

There is a feeling of optimism in the country,” he added.

The Chief Minister had promised that the elections would be fair and that the polls would be held in a fair manner.