Boka News portal project begins

Boka, South Korea — The Boka news site has officially launched its first video portal project.

The portal will be managed by BokaNews, which aims to increase the amount of quality news content available on the internet.

Boka has also partnered with media outlets including The Next Media, Global News and News24.

BokaNews launched in December.

The project aims to “increase the quality of the information we get from sources around the world.”

Boka is a news site owned by the Boka Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which has been in operation since 1995.

The BBC owns about 40 percent of the portal’s content, which has included videos and articles on current events, sports, politics, politics and international affairs.

Boca is also the headquarters of the BBC’s public affairs department.

In addition to the Boca news portal project, the BKC also plans to invest more than $1 million in a new newsroom and to hire up to 25 journalists and staff.