China ‘will not be satisfied’ with the way India has handled Nepal earthquake: China

China will not be content with India’s handling of the Nepalese earthquake, as Beijing will take its grievances to international tribunals, a top Chinese diplomat has said.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that China would not “reward” India for the Nepali response and would not let Nepal “go through a time of crisis”, while the Nepalians’ response to the quake had been “excessive and inadequate”.

The foreign ministry spokesman said China was not satisfied with India and “has no intention to wait for the Indian government to do the right thing”.

China has expressed disappointment that India had not yet set up a new “safe zone” for displaced people in the Kathmandu Valley, but China’s foreign ministry said on Monday it would not be “grateful” to India for not taking a more “responsible and proactive” approach.

It was the third time that China had expressed disappointment over the Nepal earthquake and said it would “not allow the country to go through a “time of crisis”.”

We are not satisfied that the Nepalee government has not yet taken a responsible and proactive approach in handling the crisis,” Wang Jianlin said in an interview with a state-run news agency.”

We hope the Indian authorities can act more decisively and comprehensively and will not let the country go through an “exuberant and uncontrolled time of emergency”.

“China will not reward the Nepalis for the failure of the government and will certainly not allow the situation to go on like this,” he added.

He did not give a specific timeframe for the Chinese response.

India’s Foreign Ministry earlier said that the two countries were looking for “a constructive and practical way to settle the dispute”, and China had “strongly urged the Nepals to take an appropriate and timely step” to resolve the issue.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China hoped that India and Nepal could settle their differences peacefully and that India would do “everything possible to help the Nepalian people”.

He said the Nepaese government had been providing a “safe and timely response” to the earthquake and was working to provide aid to the affected people.

“China has no intention of demanding that India give India an extra compensation of 1.5 billion rupees ($20m) as part of the compensation package,” Wang said.

China is concerned that India is not “making progress in its rescue work” in Nepal, the foreign ministry added.

“It is important to stress that India has not done all that it can to help in the relief and recovery operations,” Wang added.

The Nepal earthquake has raised concerns about India’s ability to act quickly and efficiently in the aftermath of an event that killed nearly 6,000 people in Nepal.

The death toll in Nepal has climbed to at least 10,000, with thousands more still missing.

China has been angered by India’s failure to do enough to help its Himalayan neighbours, including its border with Tibet, and its reluctance to provide more aid to help cope with the devastating earthquake.