CNN’s Jake Tapper: GOP should ‘consider’ sending Trump a copy of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare

CNN anchor Jake Tampin wrote that “we shouldn’t just assume that Trump is an untrustworthy character.

We need to think about what he is and how he operates, and how that could be interpreted in light of his positions on health care, the environment, immigration, the war in Afghanistan, the Supreme court and other issues.”

Trump has repeatedly been accused of being a racist and xenophobic man, and in response, he has repeatedly attacked CNN and the media as being unfair.

But while Trump has taken to attacking the media for their coverage of him, his rhetoric has also included accusations of being racist and a racist.

In a series of tweets earlier this week, Trump said he had seen CNN coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it “ridiculous.”

He also said that CNN and other news outlets were not “fair and balanced” when reporting on the events surrounding the death of Sandra Bland in Texas.CNN anchor Jake Tepper tweeted earlier this month that “CNN and other media outlets are not ‘fair and fair’ when reporting the Sandra Bland death.”

Trump recently tweeted that CNN was “just trying to help” Democrats, and also called the network “disgusting” in an interview with the New York Times last week.

In response, CNN President Jeff Zucker issued a statement Tuesday calling on the Trump administration to “refrain from attacking our news organizations, and not to make us feel like we are the enemy.”

Tampin said that he did not think Trump would be “any less trustworthy in the future.”

“The truth is, he is going to do whatever he thinks is best for the country, whether it’s good for him or bad for the nation,” Tampine said.