How much do you know about the Chinese government?

Chinese-American author and activist Lee Hsiung-Hsien (發雄清) has published two books about the country’s “deeply troubled” government.

One, The Party of Chinese People, was released in March, and is about the party’s policies during the Cultural Revolution and subsequent crackdown on civil society and free speech.

The other, The State and the Stateless, was published in September, and details the role of the Chinese state in the development of a number of repressive systems.

The book is both a work of history and a commentary on the Chinese Communist Party, and Hsiun is known for his outspoken criticism of the CCP.

In an interview with NPR, Hsiang-Hos said that his aim was to highlight the “stateless” and “stately” nature of Chinese society, and the “incompetence” of Chinese leaders.

He said the books’ message was to challenge the Chinese leadership to improve its treatment of the countrys citizens, especially those who are marginalized by their government.

Hsiung, who is from the United States, said he is working to “show China’s leaders that they are human beings, not as machines,” and not as a “powerful, omniscient, omnipotent entity.”

“They are not robots,” he said.

“They are human, and we are human.”NPR’s Ari Shapiro contributed to this report.