How to avoid the ‘bizarre’ “straw” incident with the Swansea City players

The story of a “bizarre” incident at Swansea City’s training ground on Saturday, where three Swansea City teammates allegedly threw water bottles at a police officer.

The incident happened at the end of the game against Norwich City on Saturday night.

As the players were warming up for the match, a group of three of them started throwing bottles and other objects at the police officer, who tried to stop them, and then kicked one of them, according to the club.

The three players were subsequently taken to hospital.

The team captain, the goalkeeper and the defender were also injured, with the goalkeeper being taken to a local hospital.

All three players have been suspended.

It was not immediately clear why the players threw the water bottles.

It is not the first time the Swansea players have made trouble for police officers, as well as the Premier League’s disciplinary committee, who last month ordered the players to undergo behavioural therapy.

In November, a video was released showing the three players shouting abuse at officers as they were trying to take them to hospital for treatment.

The players have since apologised to police, as part of a compensation package of £300,000.

A statement from Swansea City read: “We apologise unreservedly to the officers involved for any distress caused by this incident.

We would like to extend our sincerest sympathy to the police officers involved, and to the whole of the public, in this matter.”