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2.14 pm: The US will give the Indian government “all the information that we need” on the terror attacks in New Delhi, President Donald Trump said on Friday, in what would be his last meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking to reporters in the White House, Mr Trump said he has spoken to Modi several times and “his response has been extremely positive”.

“The president and I spoke about a number of issues, including the ongoing investigation into the attacks in India,” Mr Trump added.

“The president expressed the American willingness to share all the information we need with the Indian authorities.

We also spoke about ways to make sure that the United States and India can be partners in the fight against terrorism.”

Mr Trump has made no secret of his desire to boost bilateral ties.

Earlier this month, he held talks with the US ambassador to India, Mark Green, in the Oval Office, the first since the US president was inaugurated on January 20.

Mr Trump said in the meeting with Mr Green that the US wanted to be able to share information and collaborate with India to combat terrorism.

“We are not going to get information from our own officials, we want to be as transparent as possible,” Mr Green told reporters.

“Our understanding is that the information will be shared and we will have all the resources we need,” he added.