How to make your own video-sharing app

In the past year, video-streaming service YouTube has added a new feature called “auto-refresh” which allows users to re-watch their favorite content after it’s finished playing back.

In the case of a popular YouTube video, users are encouraged to rewatch their clips as many times as they like to avoid missing out on the most popular videos.

Now that auto-refreshes are available, YouTube has introduced a new extension for iOS and Android devices that lets users create video-replay files, which are available for download via the YouTube website.

The extension’s interface allows users, in addition to uploading and watching videos, to create a list of their favorite clips.

If they’ve watched a clip previously, they can then scroll down to view and re-edit that clip and save it to their “Videos” folder.

If you haven’t watched the clip before, you can also browse through the video’s history.

YouTube is also expanding its search feature with the addition of a new search function.

Searching by title, date, or location will bring up a list with all the videos on the site, including those that are already re-playable.

The new extension can be downloaded from the YouTube homepage.