How to stay safe in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings

The Boston Marathon bombing has left more than 300 people dead, and the United States has been placed on heightened alert.

Here are some tips for surviving.1.

Stay in hotels and other accommodationsThe Boston Marathon was a huge hit during the Boston bombings.

A major part of the hotel industry was devastated by the blasts.

Some hotels are already taking precautions to keep guests safe.

Here are some hotel safety tips:Avoid using rooms with windows.

The windows have shattered and shattered glass and have fallen on other hotel rooms.2.

Dress appropriately2.

Stay on top of your own food and waterWhen the water is low, stay out of the kitchen.

If you do need to use the kitchen, wash your hands and face first before using the sink.


Keep your windows closedThe windows are windows, so they can be broken, so it’s important to keep them closed.

You can check on your neighbors and keep them informed of the situation by ringing the doorbell and/or calling 911.

If the door is locked, stay in the room.4.

Don’t drink alcohol or take any illegal drugsDon’t drink or take illegal drugs at home.

There are ways to stay sober if you do use alcohol or drugs.5.

Do not drink or driveYou should always obey all traffic laws.

Alcohol and drug use are serious crimes.

If caught driving with a blood alcohol level above .08, a DUI is a felony, and if you have a blood-alcohol content of 0.15 percent or higher, a second offense could lead to a felony.6.

If someone you know is injured, call 911Do not let a loved one drink alcohol, take drugs or get out of your vehicle.

If it’s an emergency, call police immediately.

Call 911 if someone is in danger, especially if they are a victim of the bombing or have any injuries.

If they’re outside, stay on top or use your cell phone to call 911.

Call 9-1-1 to report an incident involving the bombing.

The FBI is investigating the incident.7.

Stay hydratedIf you are in a place where you need to drink, hydrate and keep your feet cool.

If your body temperature drops, it’s best to stop and rest.8.

Make sure to have some moneyYou can make a difference in the lives of others by helping those in need.

You could help fund a shelter, shelter staff, a homeless shelter or pay for clothing.

Donate to organizations like the Red Cross, Samaritan House, Samaritans of Greater Boston, and more.9.

Get a first aid kit to keep yourself safe1.

Be careful about putting things on the groundThis is where you can put your cell phones, wallets, purses and other personal items.

You’ll need to have them on you at all times, and your personal items should be secured.2: Don’t let your car be locked to anyone elseIf you’re driving your car, check that your car is unlocked and locked.

If not, don’t lock it.3: Make sure your cellphone is secureIf you don’t have your phone on you, you can always call the number on your phone.

If a friend or relative is with you, it may be easier to call them directly.4: Watch your petsWhen you see a dog, cat or other animal roaming the neighborhood, take a picture of the animal and give it to your neighbor.

Make a note of where the animal was spotted.

If possible, keep the animal’s location hidden.

If necessary, bring the animal to the nearest shelter or animal control facility.5: Stay in your homeIf you can, stay inside.

Don “stay safe” at home, because your safety is at stake.6: Make arrangements for your family and friendsIf you have relatives who are living in different locations, make arrangements for them to stay together.

Have your grandparents, uncles and other family members stay with them.

If there are other relatives who live in the same apartment, arrange for them and them alone to stay with your family.7: Keep an eye on your kidsWhile you’re at home and away from your kids, stay up to date on your children’s health and safety.

Watch the news for information about a person’s health.

Make an appointment to meet with your child’s pediatrician.8: Stay safe on the InternetIf you go online, make sure you are using the correct website and make sure the information you are providing is accurate.

9: Don a hatWhen it’s dark, you may not want to be seen with a hat on.

Be aware of where people may be going.

Do you know what is going on?

If you are unsure, ask.

If this information doesn’t sound familiar, call your local police department and ask them if they know where you are.10: Stay vigilantFor any information about the Boston bombing, you will need to call the FBI’s Boston Joint Terrorism Task Force (T