How to watch a NCAA tournament game in 3 minutes or less: All you need to know

The NCAA is coming to town.

The Big 12 is heading to Oklahoma City.

And the Pac-12 is heading home.

So what does that mean for all of the conference’s best teams?

How much will they get to watch the Pac 12’s best in Oklahoma City?

Let’s take a look.

The Pac-11 will be playing its first NCAA tournament games in the Big 12’s home state, Oklahoma City, and the Pac 9 will be at the Alamodome in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year’s Pac-10 tournament will be played Feb. 1-8.

The Pac-15 will be held Feb. 18-20 in Phoenix, Arizona.

And there will be some conference matchups in both the Big Ten and SEC.

There’s a game between the Pac 10 and Big Ten champions, Ohio State and Oregon, on Feb. 22 in Madison, Wisconsin.

The SEC will have a pair of games, against Florida and Florida State, on the weekend of Feb. 24 and Feb. 25.

All told, there will probably be 10 conference games, with 10 different conference teams.

But that’s just the Pac 14.

In the Big East, there’s a doubleheader between Indiana and Purdue.

There is a road game between Virginia Tech and Maryland, on Saturday, Feb. 26, and a road contest between Rutgers and Virginia.

In the Big South, there are three games against teams from the conference that don’t make the bracket: Texas and Florida, South Carolina and LSU, and Kentucky and Texas A&M.

In other words, the Big Eight has three games that will be against teams that didn’t make a top-25 ranking in the preseason, as well as a couple of other teams that will play teams from outside of the bracket that weren’t in the tournament.

In addition, there’ll be some non-conference games: Louisville is a game against another ACC team, NC State, and South Carolina will play Georgia Tech and Georgia Tech is a matchup against Vanderbilt.

There will also be two home games against a team that made the bracket and the conference is in a two-game losing streak, which means the Big Twelve and Pac-13 could be in for a long, hot summer.