India ‘lacks credibility to lead’ in cybersecurity, warns US Congress

India ‘does not possess the credibility to take the lead’ on cybersecurity, according to US lawmakers who are calling for a comprehensive cybersecurity bill.

“India’s cybersecurity capability is in a state of flux, with the Indian government facing a number of challenges including an ongoing cyber attack on its nuclear power plants,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a member of the Senate Commerce Committee.

“India lacks the credibility, if any, to lead on cybersecurity.

The American people deserve to know exactly how our cybersecurity efforts are being managed, and how our country is protecting our most sensitive assets and our people from harm,” Whitehouse added.US Representative Ron DeSantis, a Democrat, said that India’s lack of cybersecurity capability “does not bode well for our nation’s cybersecurity posture.””

I have a lot of faith in the Indian Government’s ability to maintain a robust cybersecurity posture.

But I worry that it lacks the confidence and the ability to lead and develop cybersecurity policy in India,” DeSantsantis told CNN India.

“It is imperative that Congress take a leadership role on this important issue and address this problem as it relates to cybersecurity.”

India is one of several countries with cybersecurity capabilities that have been in the spotlight due to cyberattacks.

The country’s government has responded to the cyberattacks with a series of cybersecurity measures, including the installation of anti-malware software to thwart the attacks, and a ban on the sale of all kinds of hacking tools to foreign countries.

However, US lawmakers are concerned that India has not implemented the required reforms to increase cybersecurity capabilities.

In response to the ongoing cyberattacks, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the country would introduce “cybersecurity legislation” by the end of June.

But the legislation is yet to be passed.