India’s new Prime Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman: ‘No need for a change’

News portal TechCrunch reported on Thursday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will resign from the cabinet in the coming days after a bitter campaign to oust him over corruption allegations.

A day earlier, the government had fired top officials in the finance ministry over the alleged mismanagement of a government-owned oil company.

The report said the decision to fire the officials came after a meeting of ministers.

The Cabinet is expected to meet to decide whether to sack Modi, who has been accused of accepting money from businessmen, as early as Friday.

India’s opposition parties, led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), called for a snap poll.

“There will be a snap election,” Congress president Sonia Gandhi said.

“The next election will take place on April 16, and we will win it, so that we can ensure that there will be no change in government.”

The election is being seen as an opportunity to change the country’s politics.

Earlier this month, the BJP, the main opposition party, won the most seats in Parliament, securing 63 seats, including the 120-seat House of Lords.

But the BJP’s win did not mean it would win the majority it needed to form a government.