Khmer News: “Thailand has issued a warrant for a Khmer TV channel to be blocked on the internet.”

Posted February 17, 2019 05:06:17 Thailand has issued an arrest warrant for the director of a Cambodian TV channel for his alleged role in an online scam, state media reported.

The Central Investigation Bureau said on Tuesday that an arrest notice was issued against the director, who it said was the founder and chief executive of the Khmer Television Network, for the alleged involvement of his employees in the “illegal sale and purchase of broadcasting equipment.”

The agency did not say how many employees are accused of the alleged wrongdoing.

According to the Central Investigation Branch, KhmerTV has more than 30 television channels in 24 countries.

It airs the state-run TV program “Thai Television” on local cable networks.

It is one of the largest channels in Cambodia and one of only a few in the world to air national and international news programs.

The Khmer government has faced mounting criticism over its crackdown on political dissent, including the killing of journalists and a recent crackdown on a local media network that has criticized the government.

In the wake of the crackdown, the Khmers TV network has been banned by the central government from all television channels and other public spaces, and a number of other outlets, including state media, have been closed.

A KhmerNews report from February 2017 said the channel received several complaints about a “suspicious” sale of broadcasting gear from a Hong Kong company.

The report said the equipment had been sold for $1,500.

In an interview with the news portal on Tuesday, the director said he was in the midst of a legal battle to get the equipment returned.

He said he and his staff would not comment on the case.

State-run broadcaster TVHana has been shut down since January and is still broadcasting.

A Cambodian company called TVHang TV had earlier reported that some of the equipment was being used for broadcasting and that the channel had been shuttered.

The state-owned news agency said the agency had received two complaints about the equipment that the government was trying to confiscate, adding that it was not possible to comment on whether the equipment belonged to Khmer or another channel.

A statement by the Khon Kaen TV news portal said the network was under a court order to shut down and that a court had ordered a court hearing to be held to clear the channels name and the company’s financial history.

The news portal also said the media outlet’s main owner had been sentenced to three years in prison for allegedly laundering money from his business in Thailand, the country where he was born.

The news portal did not specify whether he was the director.

KhmerTV had previously denied any wrongdoing and said the company had been cooperating with authorities in the probe.

It said it would be more than possible to restore the channel once the court order was lifted.

In April, the state broadcaster reported that a Chinese businessman was sentenced to life in prison in a separate case.

The court found that the man, named as Chen Yuen, was “responsible for the illegal sale and purchasing of broadcasting and communication equipment to foreigners,” according to the news agency.

He was also accused of using false documents and illegally obtaining foreign currency for the company.

The media outlet reported that Chen was found guilty of fraud in November 2016, after a criminal trial that began in November last year.

In March this year, Chen was sentenced by a court in the central Cambodian city of Phnom Penh to five years in jail.