Panasonic to build solar energy storage system in US

Google has revealed that it is building a solar energy power storage system that will help solve the global electricity grid problems plaguing the country.

The company announced that it has agreed to invest $1 billion in the new facility in the state of New Jersey.

This is the first time in its history that a Japanese company has made such a major investment in a solar power storage facility in America.

Panasonic is investing in solar energy to supply power to the grid.

Solar energy has a range of applications and in New Jersey it will be used to power electric vehicles, electric vehicles with hybrid engines, and electric vehicles that don’t have a battery.

In the coming years, the company aims to build more than 40 million megawatts of solar power capacity, and it hopes to use it to supply 100 percent of the power in the US.

The solar energy plant will be able to supply electricity for about 30 years.