Qatar: Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid bid ‘will go on’

Qatar’s bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup is “very much alive” after a United Arab Emirates court dismissed its bid.

Qatar’s bid for the 2022 tournament will now be put to a national vote, the court said in a decision released on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

The UAE, a country of 7.6 million people, has a population of around 13 million and is a key backer of Qatar, which was awarded the 2022 bid.

The case comes amid rising tensions between Qatar and its neighbors over the country’s alleged support for terrorism.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is an alliance of five Arab nations, including Qatar, that has been accused of supporting the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Qatar has denied all accusations and said the country was not a supporter of terrorism.

The United Arab Emirate has a history of supporting terrorism, and last year, it accused Qatar of funding a network that plotted attacks against Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The court ruled that the bid could go forward, saying that Qatar had “done nothing wrong”.

It said the court did not consider that the UAE was a “foreign entity” that would “undermine” the bid process.

However, the decision did not mean the bid will be put on hold, as a legal process will be initiated.

The 2022 tournament was initially set to take place in 2022 in Qatar, but the tournament was delayed due to financial problems and the UAE and its allies were not happy with the decision.

Qatari President Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani had been due to take part in the tournament, which the 2022 host nation hopes will be the largest soccer event in the Middle East.

However the tournament has been postponed by two months due to the Qatar crisis and the Gulf Cooperation Committee (GCCC), which includes Qatar and five other Gulf countries, has now put the 2022 race on hold.

The Gulf Cooperation Commission (GACC), which is responsible for hosting the tournament in Qatar and is also part of the GCC, had said the 2022 campaign was on hold due to an “emergency”.

The 2018 FIFA World Cups were held in Russia and Brazil.