The 5 most shocking new news stories of 2017

A new breed of journalism is breaking out in India and the country is taking a new turn to its old guard.

A slew of new and emerging publications and blogs have popped up, and in a very big way, this has given a new lease of life to a generation of readers and viewers who may not have been paying much attention to the country.

Many of the new and innovative media outlets are pushing the boundaries of news reporting, with a focus on social justice and the importance of sharing, the ability to share and the empowerment of people, according to journalist Arundhati Roy.

She told Business Insider that the rise of the digital space and the emergence of “alternative news” has had a “huge impact” on the Indian media ecosystem.

The country’s most prominent alternative news sites, like Indias Free Press, have emerged in the last few years, with some breaking news stories and reporting on political issues like corruption and the death of the country’s first female Chief Minister, as well as the alleged involvement of a former chief minister of Gujarat, Modi.

There are more than 500 news outlets that are affiliated with IndiasFreePress and many more with more than 1,000 publications, according the website.

Indias FreePress has more than 400 journalists who work for the outlet, and more than 250 of them are female, according Roy.

The site also has a number of social justice-focused platforms like Bollywood-FreeIndia and Indian Voices, which are dedicated to covering issues like the death penalty and caste discrimination.

“It is about the ability of a society to connect with each other and express their concerns,” Roy said.

“There is a need for the people to connect on the platform.”

There are also sites like The Guardian India, where journalists from across the world, including some of India’s biggest brands, are posting stories, and stories that are not about politics, but rather, are focused on topics that concern India.

One of the most interesting stories to emerge from India in 2017 has been the growing trend of “rebranding,” or turning traditional media into new ventures.

In India, “branding” has become a hot topic, with brands in the United States and Britain coming under fire for their lack of ethics, according TOI.

The country’s government has been working to improve standards in the media industry, including the creation of a new “brand council” tasked with promoting standards in branding, Roy said, adding that it is important that India does not fall behind.

In the United Kingdom, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently announced plans to invest $3.5 billion to create a new digital platform dedicated to the development of Indian content.

A BBC spokesperson told Business News Daily that the company is “working closely with India to make it a truly digital platform, where all our stories can be shared seamlessly across the BBC’s vast global digital footprint.”

The new platforms, which include The Guardian Indian and The Guardian World, are designed to give an Indian perspective to news, while also giving the Indian audience a chance to see the stories that other countries are covering, the spokesperson added.