What’s next for the Perth CBD?

AUSTRALIAN COUNCILS WA, Queensland and South Australia are working on plans for a new CBD in the Western Australian state.

The ABC understands the plan is to have an inner-city area, with the existing CBD and CBD South.

The proposed new CBD will have 12 acres of land with a mixed-use design and will be built on the existing city of Perth.

The Perth City Council has been working with the state government and local communities to develop a proposal to develop the area and get approvals to start construction on it.

The plans were first presented in February and the City Council is yet to make a decision.

The state government says it wants to be “creative” about the future of the area.

“We are committed to the development of the Perth area,” Premier Colin Barnett said.

“The State Government is fully committed to bringing economic benefits to the city and we want to be creative and creative about it.”

The Premier said he would “absolutely” listen to the community about what they wanted to see.

“I have to listen to them, we’re a big, diverse city and there’s a lot of different opinions,” he said.

He said the state Government would work with the WA Government to “find a solution”.

“The whole area will be part of the new metropolitan area and we’ll be looking at a lot more areas in the future,” he told reporters in Perth.

“There’s going to be a lot going on in the new areas, we’ve got to make sure we have enough people working in them, and there will be a whole bunch of new jobs.”

The proposal was first presented to the WA Parliament’s Environment, Water and Heritage Committee on Tuesday.

The plan includes an inner city area with residential buildings, shops and cafes, parks and green space.

“It’s going be very different to the existing inner city of the city,” Mr Barnett said at the time.

“That will be the new CBD.”

The plan will include shops and restaurants, a hotel, a new public library, a hospital, an arts centre and a leisure and entertainment precinct.

“What you’re going to see is you’re looking at two areas that will be very connected,” Mr Boddington said.

Mr Barnett said the plan was still in the planning stages.

“This is an evolving proposal,” he added.

“You’ve got an outer ring area that will have a public space with shops and bars and cafes.”

And then there’s an inner ring area which will have apartments and retail, a mix of public spaces, restaurants and cafes.

“The state Government said it wanted to be innovative in designing the CBD.”

Our goal is to build a city with greater connectivity and diversity, and we are also committed to building an environment that supports a healthy and thriving economy,” it said in a statement.

The City Council’s executive committee met this week to discuss the plan.”

From our point of view, it’s a very exciting time,” Mr Barlow said.