When a man with no accent died on his return from a job, news portals were shocked and confused

Urdu news portals (mainly Kannada) were shocked to learn that a man who had no accent had died in the same town on his way back from work.

“I had no idea the man was from Delhi.

I thought he was just coming home from work,” one Kannadiga correspondent wrote on his portal on Friday.

But then the story got more bizarre.

“It was a man named Ramkumar Yadav, who came to the Kannadas with his wife and three children.

When he arrived at his home, the door was locked.

His wife and the children were frightened, so they went outside and told him to stay outside.

Ramkamps wife went outside, opened the door and shouted to her husband: ‘Don’t leave us.’

So he stayed inside.”

The family was then rushed to a hospital, where Ramkampas wife said, “He was breathing on his own.”

The local police station also rushed to the hospital and rushed to inform Ramkabanas wife, who had come out to check on her husband, who was on a ventilator.

Ramkanas wife told the police that she was worried that the man who came back home was not the same person she had met at the airport.

Ramkas wife said that she could not understand how she was being treated so badly.

“When we got to the police station, Ramkamans wife said: ‘The man had a pulse.

It was a stroke, but I could not speak about it.

I did not want to die.’

I told the policemen that the doctor was not treating me well.

They said I should go to the doctor,” Ramkambam said.

The family members were sent to hospital for treatment, but Ramkams wife was discharged from hospital and told the news that her husband had been declared brain dead.

“We were left to cope with the news of the man’s death.

Ramlampas family is in shock,” the Kanna news portal reported.

But the news was not shared widely on social media.

“Why did it take this long for the police to contact the man and inform his family about his death?” one Kanna reporter wrote.

“How could they not know about his condition?”

“Why was it that we had to wait for the medical team to come to the house and take Ramkannams wife to hospital?,” another Kanna reader asked.

“The media should take the issue more seriously,” another said.

Urdu newspapers have not reported on the death.

The Kannads main news portal Nepal is not sharing the story.

The news portal also does not have a copy of the report of the police.

“While we were reading it, the doctor told us that we should not worry.

Ram Kannam had been a doctor for 30 years.

The police had done their job.

The matter would be solved within 24 hours.

The doctor has assured us that the death would be taken seriously,” one Nepal reporter said.

But that did not stop the news portals from sharing the news.

“Our news has been picked up by many social media outlets,” one Urdu portal said.

“What did the police know about the man before they told us about the stroke?

How could the police have not alerted us about his health condition?” another Kannadi said.

When asked about the discrepancy in coverage, the KANNADIGAS NEWS portal said, it has contacted the local police, the city police, and the district police.