When a university is under pressure, it should offer to pay for the security, a professor says

When a University of Michigan student who is black has gone missing, his family says the university needs to be more transparent about how it responds.

A video of the moment a man in a black t-shirt appeared at the front door of the Michigan State University building and attempted to enter the campus on Friday has sparked a new debate over how to handle an incident that is not only a tragedy for the student but also for the entire campus community.

In a video posted to social media on Monday, the man appears to be walking down the street, when he turns left onto the south side of the building, according to the Associated Press.

He then turns right onto a street that leads to a large parking lot.

After he exits the parking lot, he then proceeds to walk down a street to the north side of campus.

He eventually stops, turns right on a small street to walk to a building where he apparently talks with someone in a car.

The university said in a statement on Tuesday that it “strongly condemns” the actions of the man and that “we have worked closely with law enforcement to ensure this individual does not pose a threat.”

It added that it will be sharing information about the incident and will be “working with the community and the campus community to share our own resources to provide any additional support to our students.”

Michigan State University spokesman Tom Anderson said the man was being investigated and will face disciplinary action.

The incident has drawn widespread attention to the campus after a video went viral on social media of a man with a gun walking past a campus police officer and a student in the Michigan Public Safety building, where he was supposed to be receiving security training.

Police in nearby Ann Arbor say the suspect is described as black, 20 to 30 years old, with a medium build and was wearing a dark-colored shirt with a U.S. flag on it.

His hands are visible and he is wearing a mask, the Ann Arbor Police Department said in an email to

Police also said they were aware of the situation, but that there was no reason to believe it was related to any known criminal activity.

The man has not been identified, and police said they are trying to determine whether he is armed and if he has a criminal history.

In the video, a student can be heard asking the man, “Are you a racist?”

The man replies, “Not really.

I’m just a guy with a sense of humor.

He’s a cool dude.”

After the exchange, the student in question appears to take out his phone and snap a photo of the suspect.

“I know it’s embarrassing,” the student told the man.

“But, if it helps, I’d like to see you get arrested.”

A Facebook post by the student’s mother, Rachel Brown, said her son “was a good person.

He was a very nice person.””

This guy was acting like an absolute stranger.

He had no right to be in our community,” Brown said.

The police officer who was supposed for training with the suspect said the student “took him out like a good little puppy.

He didn’t say anything, he just followed him.””

He was just following him like, ‘Hey, look at me,'” the officer said.

“And he said, ‘Why are you following me?'”

“This is not the first time a black person has gotten into a confrontation like this,” Brown added.

“This is the first I’ve heard of someone getting shot.”

The student who was shot is expected to survive, the officer added.