When China will stop censoring the internet

The Chinese government will stop censorship of the internet in 2021, with the aim of making it easier for users to access information.

The news portal registration service said on its website on Wednesday that the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology would publish a new regulation on the countrys online content in 2019, the same year as the National Day holiday.

Under the new regulation, the government will make it easier to access content, including social media, video, and images, which will be freely accessible for everyone.

“This is to make the internet easier for everybody,” the news portal said.

The new regulation will not only make it more accessible, it will also allow users to register their websites and add their own content, it added.

According to the website, the aim is to create an environment that makes content more accessible to everyone, and “make China a world leader in openness”.

The ministry will also launch a new platform that will allow users and developers to make content available for free, it said.

China has been trying to rein in the internet’s growth since 2013, when a group of activists began a campaign to shut down the internet.

The campaign gained momentum after the launch of a Chinese state-backed internet portal in 2016.

In a speech in Beijing in April, President Xi Jinping said the internet was an “essential tool of the socialist country”.