When I was in the military, my wife asked me to stay at home and cook for her

The wife of a soldier who was killed in an encounter with a suspected terrorist group in Iraq has accused her husband’s family of pressuring her to stay home and make dinner.

Anwar Nasser, an American citizen, died on April 13, when he was shot by a suicide car bomber during a fight with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group in Anbar province.

His wife, a soldier, said her husband and two sons had just left for a routine patrol when they were ambushed by a convoy of gunmen.

The attack left his family traumatised, and Nasser’s family, including the children, have spent months seeking justice for their husband, a sergeant who had served in the US military.

But while Nasser has since filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his family, his wife is seeking to get the US government to pay compensation for the loss of her husband.

Her case has been put forward by the nonprofit group AligarH News, which is campaigning for an independent investigation into the incident.

According to the group, Nasser was a “patriot”, a “hero” and a “truly brave” soldier who fought in Iraq for “years”.

But in his wife’s view, her husband was killed for his loyalty and patriotism.

Nasser, 30, had joined the US Army in 2014.

His family claims he was kidnapped and killed by ISIL while on patrol.

Aligar H News’ lawyers allege that Nasser had been “killed as a result of a conspiracy to kill the US soldier, and his family had no other choice but to take legal action against the family”.

Aligaryan media outlets and some prominent members of the military have strongly criticised the family, which includes an American pastor, a US senator and a former top commander.

“The family has been treated like criminals and their actions against the Nasser family are a disgrace,” said Ibrahim Saeed, Aligaria’s president and chief executive officer.

“The family’s actions were inhumane, immoral and they are targeting an American soldier and his son, a man of honor and patriotism.”