When is the next crypto-currency fork?

When will the next cryptocurrency fork?

In the near future, there is a possibility that a new crypto-coin could be born.

There are three main reasons why a fork is possible.

First, the blockchain could be changed to make a new cryptocurrency.

In this case, a new currency is created.

Second, the network would be updated with a new block chain.

Third, a majority of users will vote to create a new altcoin that shares the same blockchain and block chain (similar to Bitcoin).

In these three scenarios, the new currency would not be the same as the existing cryptocurrency. 

In this article, we will analyze the scenarios that could occur in the near-term.

What are the reasons for a fork?

There are four main reasons for the fork, which are explained in detail below.

If you are looking for the official explanation of each scenario, you can find it here.

What is a fork ?

What are altcoins?

The blockchain is the source of all transactions.

It is the backbone of all cryptocurrencies.

Altcoins are a subset of cryptocurrencies that are created with the goal of using a blockchain-based consensus algorithm to verify transactions.

This way, they can be used as a decentralized store of value.

Altcoins are created using a proof-of-work algorithm.

This algorithm, which was developed in 2013, has already proven to be very secure, as demonstrated by a proof of work attack that was recently uncovered by security researchers from Cryptome.

What is blockchain?

The decentralized network that connects all cryptocurrencies to the blockchain is known as the blockchain.

It uses a cryptographic proof- of-work scheme.

Why is a new coin a fork?: A fork is when two or more cryptocurrencies that share a blockchain merge into one or more coins.

Because a fork occurs when two cryptocurrencies are merged into one, the altcoin will be known as a new token.

How will the fork happen?

A new cryptocurrency will be created by merging two altcoins.

In this case the altcoins would be Bitcoin and Litecoin.

A fork will occur when a majority majority of Bitcoin users vote to merge the two altcoin chains.

The coin that the majority of voters chose will be called Bitcoin.

For Litecoin, the coin that has the most votes will be the one that has a block chain that is based on Bitcoin.

In this way, Litecoin will continue to exist and will remain the most popular cryptocurrency.

In the near term, Bitcoin will be considered the dominant cryptocurrency.

What will happen in the meantime?

As soon as the majority vote to start the coin merging process, the block chain will be updated.

The blockchain will then be updated to show the merged altcoin as the new coin.

This new coin will have the same network hashrate and network hashproof.

It will be a Bitcoin clone.

When is the fork expected to occur?

Bitcoin will become the dominant crypto-token for the foreseeable future.

Bitcoin will have a market cap of approximately $18.2 billion. 

What will the future hold?

A new alt coin will not be a new form of money but will instead be an entirely new cryptocurrency, created with a blockchain based consensus algorithm.

This will allow new cryptocurrency to be created on top of Bitcoin.

If a new type of cryptocurrency is created that uses a blockchain, a fork will be possible.

In the next year or so, Bitcoin and altcoins will continue merging into one.

It could happen anytime after the fork.