Which Indian team is in the most danger of missing out on the World Cup?


India (10-6) – The Indians were seeded 10th and they will have to win out if they want to qualify for the World Cups next two seasons.

The tournament is scheduled to kick off on July 7 in Bangladesh, while the quarter-finals are being played on July 11 in Australia.

But that leaves them with a tough task of not losing a single match.

The second leg in Australia will be played in Melbourne on July 18, and the quarterfinal will be held on July 25 in Sydney.

India won’t be playing in India’s biggest city unless the team wins.

That means India needs to win three of the five matches against the three seeded teams.

The other two will be against Pakistan in Mumbai on July 23 and Bangladesh in Abu Dhabi on July 28.2.

Sri Lanka (9-5) – Sri Lanka was seeded eighth but it has a very different outlook in the World Games.

The last two games have been very close.

But Sri Lanka will be without its star player Muthi Thirimanne for at least a month as he is currently recovering from a back injury.

Sri Lankan coach Naiyar Perera has made his side play for the tournament and will be looking for Sri Lanka to win its first World Cup since 1998.

It will be a very tough task for Sri Lankans.3.

Pakistan (9) – Pakistan was seeded ninth and it has to win the next two matches to qualify.

The two matches are in the UAE on July 12 and the semi-finals will be in Dubai on July 19.

Pakistan will have two more games against the teams that have not qualified for the Asian Games in 2020.

If the two teams do not meet again in the semi finals, the Pakistanis will have a tough time getting to the finals.4.

Afghanistan (9.5) and Iran (8.5).

– Afghanistan and Iran are the two other seeded teams in the top ten.

Afghanistan is seeded seventh but it will have only three matches against seeded teams and one against the seeded teams for the second round.

Iran is seeded ninth but it only has one match against the two seeded teams, and one of them will be away.

Iran needs to beat the seeded team to qualify from the World Tournament.5.

England (8) and Scotland (7).

– England is seeded eighth and it will be playing two matches against a group of seeded teams that are seeded nine and eight respectively.

England has a good chance to win one of those two matches, but it might have to face two teams from the seeded sides.

England will have the challenge of playing two games against Scotland in the next couple of days, and facing England will be the toughest challenge for the Scots.6.

Netherlands (7.5-8) – Netherlands is seeded fifth and it is playing one match at home against the bottom seeded teams from Asia and the bottom seed from Africa.

The top seeded team from Asia, Russia, is also ranked fifth and has one of the hardest schedules of the top seeds in the tournament.

The Dutch will have five of the seven matches in the second-round.7.

Uruguay (7) and Belgium (6).

– Uruguay is ranked eighth and will play two matches in Dubai against the first-seeded teams from Europe and the second seeded teams of the Americas and Africa.

Uruguay is also one of three teams in Europe that will not play the seeded countries.

The first two games of the second stage will be home games against Italy, Spain and France.8.

Japan (7-6).

Japan is ranked ninth in the rankings.

The Japanese team is ranked second to last in the world.

Japan will have four matches against four teams that were not invited to the World games last year.9.

Australia (6-5).

Australia is ranked fifth in the global rankings and has four games against a seeded team in the first two rounds.

Australia will have three of those games in the third-round and two of them in the quarterfinals.10.

Russia (5-7) – Russia is ranked sixth and is playing two match against a ranked team in Russia.

The Russian team is one of two teams in Asia that will have one match in the final of the tournament against one of its seeded teams to make the finals of the Asian Cup.

Russia will have another match against Zimbabwe in Dubai and will face two other teams in Dubai for the quarter finals.11.

New Zealand (5)and Papua New Guinea (4).

– New Zealand is ranked tenth in the ranking.

New Zealand is one place behind the Netherlands and Australia.

New Zealand has four of its five matches in Australia being played in Hobart and Melbourne.12.

Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh (5).

These three countries are the four seeds in Asia and they have two matches.

Afghanistan has a tough schedule in Australia as they will