Which Russian politician will be the next US ambassador to Russia?

In the midst of a political storm over allegations that the Russian government has meddled in the 2016 presidential election, a new vacancy has been created at the State Department, which will give Vice President Mike Pence a chance to fill it.

Pence is in the final weeks of his first term and is looking for a job that will help keep the U.S. government afloat and give him the experience needed to lead the Trump administration.

He is also trying to build bridges to other countries as the Republican Party moves to take back the White House in 2020. 

The Trump administration’s announcement of a new position at the Department of State came just days after a White House aide called on Russia to step down.

“We need to make sure we have a strong ambassador for Russia in the United States,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary for European Affairs Daniel Russel, a veteran of the Obama administration who is currently serving as the U:S.

special representative for Russia.

Russel said the new ambassador would be in charge of Russia’s foreign policy, as well as the Department’s work in the region and the global fight against ISIS.

“I am excited about the role that Mike Pence is going to play in the U.:S.

foreign policy.

He’s going to be able to focus on those things that really matter to the American people, and I think that’s going a long way toward bringing a more unified foreign policy approach to the State Dept.”

Russel and the other new State Department officials are expected to be sworn in on Wednesday, and Pence will have the first opportunity to nominate the new deputy.

The department’s budget is $2.1 trillion and is considered a critical piece of the administration’s economic plan.

Pence’s nomination was expected to draw criticism from some Democrats who have criticized Trump for his handling of the 2016 election, including the president’s decision to nominate a former reality television star to be his ambassador to the U., and the president has criticized the State department’s handling of a refugee crisis. 

On Monday, the White Republika Srbia government in the eastern region of Chechnya called for a boycott of the State Depart­ment, accusing it of undermining the independence of the region’s government.

The move comes as the Chechen leader’s government is trying to establish itself in the North Caucasus region.

The Chechen Republic has been at war with Russia since 1994. 

At least nine Russian and at least one foreign government officials have been killed in the Chechnyan conflict since the start of the conflict.

Russell defended the department’s mission to Russia, calling it “a key tool to support a strong, independent, democratic, pluralistic, sovereign Russia.” 

The administration has also sought to distance itself from former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was fired after reports emerged that he and his wife were having an affair.

Tillerson’s departure was met with controversy, with the administration saying that he was not involved in any conversations about the hiring of the new State Dept.

The State Department announced that Tillerson would be replaced on Thursday. 

As part of his transition, Pence will also have to find a replacement for Ambassador John Bolton, the former U.N. ambassador who was tapped by Trump to lead U.K. policy toward Russia. 

Pence has said he will appoint a special envoy for Russia and will appoint another envoy for Ukraine to deal with the conflict in the former Soviet republics.