Why does the Russian language have to be Russian?

Slovakia’s language is officially Russian.

I am a Slovak, so what?

But what if I speak English?

Well, the answer is, no one speaks English in Slovakia.


According to Slovakia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communications, the Slovak language has been a national language since its establishment in 1917.

And, as the Slovaks are known to have been on the front lines of the first World War, they had the resources to support a national version of English as a first language.

The Slovak Language, however, is not officially recognized in the EU.

“There are various reasons for the lack of official recognition of the Slovas in the Schengen Area,” the ministry wrote.

“For instance, Slovakic is considered an Indo-European language with a distinct lexicon that has historically been the subject of political and social debate.”

However, Slovakia’s language has remained a national identity for more than 40 years.

Slovak languages are the languages of Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Estonia of the former Soviet Union.