Why Gujarat Govt is not doing enough on EV chargers

Gujarat is not using its EV charger network, a top government official said on Monday.

Speaking at a press conference in Gujarat, Chief Minister Narendra Modi said the state is not yet ready to charge EVs in the city and he said it is important that all the vehicles have the same charging infrastructure.

He said that the state government had put in place several steps for EV charging, including charging stations at railway stations and charging stations in residential areas.

“We are going to make it clear to the people that EVs are not for sale in Gujarat,” he said.

Modi said Gujarat is one of the few states in the country where EV charging stations are operational.

He said that even the state police force has installed EV charging station in a residential area.

Modis government had launched the EV Charging Network (VCN) on January 31.

“If there is a situation of congestion, we will have EV charger stations at these places,” he added.”EVs are a new technology.

It is a new paradigm and it will take some time for the technology to be mature.

This is why we have launched the VCN,” Modi said.

The government has also given a timeline for deployment of EV charging system in all the states.

“I will announce the date when EV charging will be implemented,” Modi added.

The Chief Minister said that since the launch of the VCn, the state has seen a reduction in the number of vehicles which has helped in the implementation of the project.

“There has been a lot of success,” he noted.