Why Phil Box is a ‘great TV host’ for the ‘new generation’

By Phil BoxA few years ago, when the Oscars were still in the planning stages, I was a little bit nervous about how I would react.

I have a huge respect for the Oscars and its history.

There’s so much talent involved, so much history, so many people who are making history.

It’s just a great TV show.

It has this incredible spirit, so it’s really hard to put into words what that means.

And the way I see it, I can’t possibly get into too much detail.

I’ll just tell you what happened.

There was a great, great moment when I got an email from someone saying, ‘Hey Phil, I’m a little confused.

Why are you in the running for best TV host in the world?’

I was really, really excited.

I was thrilled.

I thought, ‘I’m so lucky to be in that position.’

So I just had this moment where I had this huge grin on my face and I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this is just so much fun, man.

You know what I want to do for the next year?

I want you to win.’

So, I did my audition, and the next day I was at the Oscars.

And the day after that, I got the call that I had won.

The day after, I started getting emails from people saying, [saying], ‘Hey, Phil, we love you so much.’

They were excited about my show, and that made me feel like, ‘Oh, my gosh, this has happened.’

I’m not a very big person in this business, but I feel that I’ve been a good steward for a lot of people in my life.

People are saying things to me about how proud I am that they’re watching my show.

And I’m not just going to stand by and say, ‘You know what?

I’m going to let you win.’

I’ve just been doing this for the last few years, and I really feel that it has helped my life in so many ways.

And people who watch it have helped me to grow and get more into this business.