Why the ‘fake news’ is on the rise in America

The rise of the fake news phenomenon has become a real issue in American politics and the news media.

The topic is one that has dominated the presidential campaign in recent months and the candidates have all been accused of promoting it.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who hosts a show on the network, has said the phenomenon is not limited to the United States.

But it’s the rise of some candidates and news outlets that has prompted the issue to get national attention.

This week, CNN’s Brian Stelter wrote that the rise is “a defining moment for the country.”

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was asked whether he was concerned that some of the candidates were “not really concerned about the fake, phony stuff that is being published.”

He responded by saying, “Absolutely.”

“You’re not going to stop that,” he said.

“You are not going, as you say, to say that fake news is not a problem.”

CNN host Anderson Cooper (left) and presidential candidate Donald Trump.

CNN is one of several news organizations to have been accused by the candidate himself of peddling fake news, with CNN even being named by President Donald Trump in his 2016 book The Art of the Deal.

This is not the first time that CNN has faced accusations of fake news in its coverage of the presidential race.

In 2015, CNN ran an ad claiming that the candidate had called CNN the “fake news network.”

It was quickly pulled after Trump fired back that the ad was made up by the Clinton campaign.

In an editorial for the network’s website, the network wrote that it “does not condone” any form of “fake journalism.”

CNN is also known for its news coverage of political debates, with many of its segments airing during the first two debates between Clinton and Trump.

Trump has criticized CNN in the past for its coverage.

“The CNN election coverage is one in which the network is at times dishonest and at times inaccurate, including on the candidates, their policy positions, and the coverage of their campaigns,” Trump wrote in a statement last month.

“This has not always been the case, but CNN’s coverage has been far more favorable to Clinton than Trump has been.”

CNN has also been accused in the media of not doing enough to tackle fake news on the platform.

Last month, CNN announced that it would suspend a section of its platform devoted to reporting on fake news that would have exposed misinformation spread by Trump.