Why the Irish Times won’t cover the Garda probe

Aaua News will not be reporting on the Gardai investigation into the theft of €12m from a Garda substation.

In a statement to the Irish Examiner, Aauo News said the decision was taken because “the coverage would not serve the interests of Aauoa, the Gardaget, the State and the community.”

The Garda Commissioner has announced the theft investigation is now at the “front of the queue” for any media outlets interested in it.

The statement from Aauao News also noted that the publication of Garda information was not covered in the media in the past and that the decision to withdraw the publication was taken after consulting with media organisations.

It added:The decision has been taken in light of the seriousness of the allegations and the fact that a significant proportion of media organisations have been actively engaged with this matter for a considerable period of time.

The decision was made after consulting media organisations with respect to the coverage of the matter and taking into account the media coverage of this matter at the time, the news portal said.

The Gardai have already stated that there is evidence to suggest that the theft occurred in February, but there has been no formal charge made against the accused person.

The news portal added that the issue of the publication being withdrawn will “reflect negatively on Aauua”.