Why we are not using an anti-malarial drug that costs more than $10 a dose

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Why we need an anti malarial drug instead of a simple topical treatment like oseltamivir 1.

It’s cheaper and more effective to treat infections with oselTAMIVIR 3News/Hindustan Times 1.

And it’s less expensive, it’s more effective.

Oseltamsivir is the anti-coagulant that’s been used for years to treat COVID-19, but in India it costs more and it has a higher mortality rate.

The government has launched an anti COVID drug, oselamivirus (Omvir), which costs Rs 5,500 (about $60) a dose and is available in a few Indian pharmacies.

It is being tested by a small number of medical colleges, but it is expected to be available by the end of the year.

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India’s coronavirus has killed over 15 million people and caused over 5,300,000 deaths.


The country has the world’s highest death rate from COVID.

India spends over $3 billion a year on anti-COVID drugs and has the highest mortality rate in the world.


Omlabemivir costs around Rs 5 lakh ($60) in India.


Indian scientists have developed an osel-tamIVIR drug that is less expensive than Omvir and safer.


The Indian government plans to release an anti infection drug for COVID in the next few months.


It was only three years ago that a few medical colleges in India tested oseltaramiviris anti-infection drug (OMLABEMIVIR) and found it to be safe and effective.

This is a big win for the Indian healthcare system and for the country.

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